Tips & Resources

If you have any questions or need advice on how to proceed or prepare your grant request, simply call us, 901.684.1564, and we’ll do our best to provide direction and guidance. Our staff is always available to assist potential grant applicants.

If you are a first-time applicant, we encourage you to register for our Before You Ask program.

Helpful tips

  • Write clearly and concisely. After completing your first draft, read your document to determine if any information can be shortened without altering the meaning or deleting important information. Then have others review it as well.
  • Prepare all portions of the application completely before submitting. Save often!
  • Allow ample time (much more than you think you need) to write, edit and complete the grant application. Avoid missing a funding opportunity simply because you were rushed when putting together final information.
  • All attached documents must me uploaded as pdf files. The application clearly states this requirement. We cannot process your application if you do not follow these directions. 

Useful resources

Other interesting, helpful information: 

Local resource for Child Protection Policy:

The Memphis Child Advocacy Center offers a FREE two-hour Child Protection Policy Workshop to help leaders from youth serving organizations review and strengthen child protection policies. Key areas discussed using discussion of best practices, interactive case studies, and small group exercises include:

  • Screening of      staff/volunteers
  • Background check basics
  • Code of conducts for      staff/volunteers
  • State reporting      requirements
  • Prevention education

Technology requests should minimally include as appropriate for your setting:

  • technology  assessment including infrastructure
  • specific goals and objectives
  • implementation strategies
  • funding plan
  • warranties
  • replacement policy for loss, damage, etc.
  • replacement plan when technology becomes obsolete
  • staff development/training 
  • risk management prodedures
  • evaluation plan

A number of sample technology checklists are available online for a variety of technology platforms