Franciscan Ambassadors

In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, the halls of The Assisi Foundation come to life—quite literally.

Walking through the doors of The Foundation, guests are greeted with the welcoming sounds of barking and meowing from our four-legged Franciscan Ambassadors.


Rescued from a drainage ditch, WeiChi—whose name means “balanced energy"—is the eyes and floppy ears of the Foundation, and never one to miss a meeting.

Francis aka “Frankie”

Frankie wandered onto the courtyard one day and found us worthy of feeding him and providing shelter when he wants it. If you want to find Frankie, just wait by the side door. As the Foundation’s only cat, Frankie stealthily patrols the courtyard grounds daily, keeping a close eye on his feathered friends who perch peacefully on St. Francis’ statue. As the self- ordained groundskeeper, he challenges chipmunks, moles, and other four footed interlopers.


A gentle weimaraner mix rescue and frequent visitor to The Foundation, Rue is our runway model with beautiful eyes. The youngest of our four-footed ambassadors, she is the most well behaved of the bunch—seen here tucked comfortably beneath her favorite desk. 


Elvis is "in the house". Very much like Elvira, our very first Francisan ambassador (whom we all miss), he is an imp! Playful, curious, inquisitive, and highly intelligent, he wiggles to win your heart.


"Wild Thing"--Rue's little sister, the lovely Tahlula (another weimaraner rescue). Sweet, playful, with an inquiring mind and spirit. Can chew her way through and out of anything!

Teddy B

Our youngest new addition is a beautiful Cavapoo, Teddy B! Soft, cuddly, and with boundless energy, he makes everyone smile. Although he is lightning fast he can sometimes sit so still he looks like a stuffed animal.