For Current Grantees

Completing the Terms of Your Grant Agreement

You will need the following:

  • Grant Award Letter
  • Login credentials for original grant - contact us if you need that information and please do not register for yourself if you do not know the login.

Submitting an Interim or Final Report

To submit a Report, please follow the link below. Once logged in you will see you user dashboard. Look for the line item labeled Interim Report or Final Report. Click edit to begin.

Click here to complete and submit a Report

Conditional and Challenge Grant Requirements

An additional requirement refers to the condition(s) or challenge explicitly stated in your Grant Award Letter. Refer to your letter for all additional requirements and due dates associated with your conditional or challenge award type. Submit all documentation via the link below.

Click here to submit an additional requirement.

Technical Assistance?

Send a brief email to Director of Grants Management, Taylor Wamble twamble [at] assisifoundation [dot] org, describing your needs along with a phone number. Email is best as we can research your case prior to making contact.