Our team thoroughly and thoughtfully—individually and as a group—weighs requests as they relate to our mission of effective philanthropy.

Working from the notion that serving is a privilege, our diverse group of leaders convenes quarterly to review applications and determine funding approvals. Each brings specific and valuable skill sets, as well as professional and personal experiences. Collectively, they strive to make the most responsible decisions for the greatest, most lasting impact. Our leaders are focused, dedicated, and motivated—much like our community partners.

BoardEffect login: https://assisifoundation.boardeffect.com/

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Susan M. Aguillard, M.D. 
  • Jack A. Belz

  • Ronald A. Belz
, Board Chair
  • Michael J. Bruns
  • Lee J. Chase III
  • Barbara Daush
  • Fred L. Davis
  • William E. Frulla
  • Robert D. Gooch III
  • Frank Gusmus
  • Forrest N. "Joe" Jenkins
  • Nancy C. Lanigan, Secretary
  • Charles D. Schaffler, Vice Chair
  • Thomas W. Scherer, Treasurer
  • Martin F. Thompson
  • Peggy I. Veeser, Ed.D.
  • C. Thomas Whitman

  • Philip R. Zanone Jr.
  • Beverly Robertson
  • Ellen Klyce
  • Mott Ford
  • Thomas Farnsworth


Community Advisory Council

  • Phil Baker, PharmD
  • Colby Caruthers
  • Rick Donlon, MD
  • Elizabeth Duncan
  • Br. Chris Englert
  • Marlon Foster
  • James Gilliland Jr.
  • Cori Grant, PhD
  • Dennis Higdon, MD
  • Brian Janz, PhD
  • Laurie Johnson
  • Wendy Likes, PhD
  • Helen Morrow, MD
  • Christina Rosenthal, DDS
  • Sunny K. Ross
  • Dipti Shah
  • Mary A. Smith, DDS
  • Waletha Wasson, DDS
  • Russ Wiggington, PhD
  • Lin Zhan, PhD


John D. Canale Jr., former St. Francis Hospital
 board member (deceased)

A. F. "Bud" Dudley, retired chairman of the Liberty Bowl and long-term board member of St. Francis Hospital (deceased)

William A. Loewenberg, former St. Francis Hospital board member and long-term Memphis business leader and philanthropist (deceased)

John D. Pera, Ph.D., retired chemist from Buckman Laboratories and long-term board member of St. Francis Hospital (deceased)

M. Rita Schroeder, founder of St. Francis Hospital and its former president (deceased)

Joseph S. Sims, retired First Tennessee Bank executive and long-term board member of St. Francis Hospital. Mr. Sims guided The Foundation's formation in its first two years of operation, serving as chairman during what was an unusually active start for any foundation (deceased)

James A. Sweeney, former National Bank of Commerce executive and long-term board member of St. Francis Hospital (deceased)

Russel L. Wiener, D.D.S., retired dentist and long-term board member of St Francis Hospital (deceased)