Our mission is effective philanthropy.

The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. serves nonprofit organizations that work to improve Memphis and the Mid-South. Through our partnerships, we address pressing challenges while also searching for root causes with the goal of creating community-wide transformation.

Our focus areas include health and human services; education and literacy; social justice and ethics; and cultural enrichment and the arts. Whether or not an organization falls neatly within our focus areas, we invite the exploration of good ideas that align with our mission and improve the lives of every resident.

Community Initiatives

Grow Memphis 2

The Foundation is often asked to convene meetings about specific issues, while other times our Board or staff have identified certain trends or activities within the community. Learn more.

Before You Ask

Child Life

Before You Ask is a series of 12 sessions. First-time applicants are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable opportunity before submitting a grant application. Learn more.

Ready Shelby

065 2

You'll be fine without power for three days. Right? Find out how to prepare your family and neighborhood community for any type emergency, specifically learning how to manage the first 72 hours after a disaster. Learn more.