New Grant Applicant Instructions

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1. Review Who Should Apply? and Proposal Considerations and Tips & Resources

Contact us if you have any questions.

2. Register

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If you already have a login from a previous grant, skip to #3 and please do not register again. Contact us if you need access to your login information.

3. Login

Click on one of the links below to login and begin either your general or capital request.

Click here to apply for a general grant. 

Typical general grants include: 

  • Program support
  • Capacity building
  • Technical assistance
  • Operating support

Click here to apply for a capital project grant.

We also fund capital projects designed to improve the physical assets of an organization. 

Typical capital projects include:

  • Building: new construction, addition to existing facility, or renovation
  • Technology installation or upgrade, computer hardware/software, audio-visual equipment
  • Fixtures, furnishings, and equipment

Renewal Application for Existing Grantees

Please refer to your Grant Award Letter to determine both if you have been invited to reapply and when your application is due. 

Click here to begin a renewal application.

Need Assistance?

Please make sure that you have carefully reviewed all provided information regarding grant submissions. However, call us if you need assistance. We can provide your login information to you if you have forgotten - please do not register multiple times. Please contact Taylor Wamble, Grants Manager, at twamble [at] assisifoundation [dot] org or 901-684-1564.